With the summer holidays in full swing it can be difficult for parents to keep their children interested and engaged, without spending big bucks to entertain them. For over a month you’ve got to find

The thing Is you can only really know how to be a parent, If you become one . there Is no rule book or checklists. there are of course a million and one parenting books out there. Real life Is not

Family morals, we all have different beliefs about what's right & wrong In life. These rules or passage Is Instilled through our parents and upbringing. Everybody Is different mine Family stuck

Childhood Memories we all have a story to tell. Times children amassed by your estate or area during summertime . Games like manhunt, kick the can, knock a door dash, hot days making plans to go

A Paradigm Shift is when a significant change happens - usually from one fundamental view to a different view. In most cases, some type of major discontinuity occurs as well.