Family Morals,Instilled growing up

Family Morals,Instilled growing up

Family morals, we all have different beliefs about what's right & wrong In life. These rules or passage Is Instilled through our parents and upbringing. Everybody Is different mine Family stuck together, the older sibling defended the one below and so on. Our Mother stuck to what she believed In, wether she stood alone In her view so be it , she was never wrong .

Some of the morals and there were a lot , “If your not going to say It to the face, don't do It behind their back “. Confront people head on no point hanging about , people knew best . Another If you don't see It with your own eyes , hear It with your own ears don't pass It on how true.

Siblings have the same morals all be It don't see eye to eye on things but the Important things, things you should never do, Is unforgiving . Trust Is vital once lost its hard to regain. It always seems to be the ones who come into the family and don't click , don't have the same views that always break the code. There's no solid proof but we just know . It could be dishonesty, jealousy or simply throwing someone's name In the mix. These are the worst sins you can commit classed as evil.

No forgiveness given. You either got brought up as we did rights and wrongs of life or your never going to fit In and certainly never stoop so low . These are our morals good rules to Instill Into our children.

Some will live life by Jesus Christ. What the Bible tells us Instilled In them by their parents some strictly, for Instance If you do something bad it's a sin God will strike you down for cursing. Morals like this are not good to have , as Is prejudice, some bad examples of morals .

I prefer our family's morals rights and wrongs In life, my Mums Bible. I passed these same morals down to my Children not forced upon them taught to do the right thing, my ways & goodness m yMum passed to me, real beliefs . Your taught to be prejudice , the Bible Itself Is against Homosexuality .

you read this from a book , you don't experience . My Mum always said at least we can all sleep at night knowing we have good morals. .



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