Creative Writing Opportunities - Helpful Tips

Creative Writing Opportunities - Helpful Tips

I have always kept a journal and never really thought of myself at a creative writer or blogger, unless recently. Imparting my life experiences in words is something I actually find very soothing for my soul. Simply being able to keep my readers engaged with the content that I was using is now my biggest challenge. As I am sure is the same for all creative writers.

If your title gives insight and captures your audience you've mastered your first big leap into writing a strong piece, but not everyone will be able to get the title right. A lot of title's I've come across in creative writing don't seem to entice me personally as a reader, so my aim would be to do that for my audience.

It is so true when you hear that using CAPS in sentences comes across as someone shouting, so unless you are trying to convey this to your readers than my advice would be to not do this. Simply putting something in italics or bold font can make a statement if you don't wish to SHOUT at your audience.

A good creative writer can write just about anything, on any subject off the top of their head. My many short articles vary across about two dozen different niches, from My Skin Changing to Naming My Pet and everything in between. Simply being creative with your experiences is the key to engagement. Don't be boring! Keep it simple, but interesting, as you want to keep your readers absorbed.

You can also write a short article or creative piece that engrosses a reader more by including lists, which can actively do the following:


  • Keep your readers immersed
  • Give a thought provoking journey
  • Alerts the reader to the main topic and subjective points
  • Provides and engaging aspect if you want to make a statement of facts or findings


If you're interested in creative writing and want to submit your many articles online for some extra traffic to sites or to build a credible name as an author, I would recommend starting off with, they offer some helpful tips and advice to keeping your articles short but concise and give you some tips on how best to write a quality piece. After all, if someone reading your article loses interest after the first couple of paragraphs, then your creative writing skills need further attention.

As a general rule of thumb I try to keep my article within the 500-word mark, but if you want to write short books or novels than, depending on the genre you could be writing anywhere between 60,000 to 100,000 words per novel. Understanding the depth of engaging your audience is key to any creative writing piece. I always look to keep my audience enthralled and wanting more, this may encourage them to visit my websites and take a closer look at the information, products and free giveaways that I have to offer people.

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