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Andrew Schmulow, University of Western Australia

South Africa is preparing the ground to migrate to a new way of regulating its banks and financial markets. Known as the Twin Peaks model, the decision has sparked debate, even controversy.

So what is Twin Peaks? And what’s

Elizabeth C. Tippett, University of Oregon

Nike’s having its #MeToo moment – and it illustrates plainly what’s still missing from our discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Women at Nike, fed up with the status quo, recently undertook a covert survey asking about sexual harassment

Former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush attend Barbara Bush’s funeral service. AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Hallie Prescott, University of Michigan and Theodore Iwashyna, University of Michigan

Former president George H.W. Bush was hospitalized April 21 with sepsis, a life

Kendrick Lamar performs during the Festival d'ete de Quebec on July 7, 2017. Amy Harris/AP Photo

Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey, Georgia State University

Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize win is a major milestone for hip-hop, a genre that celebrates its 45th birthday this August.

It’s also a

Scientists on Arctic sea ice in the Chukchi Sea, surrounded by melt ponds, July 4, 2010. NASA/Kathryn Hansen

Mark Serreze, University of Colorado

Scientists have known for a long time that as climate change started to heat up the Earth, its effects would be most pronounced in the Arctic

What secrets will your DNA give away? Connect world/

Norman A. Paradis, Dartmouth College

On April 25, California law enforcement announced the possible capture of a long-sought serial killer. Shortly after, it was reported that police had used public DNA databases to deter


Motion control problems have become standard benchmarks for reinforcement learning, and deep RL methods have been shown to be effective for a diverse suite of tasks ranging from manipulation to locomotion. However, characters trained with deep RL often exhibit unnatural behaviours



Tesla can do better than its current public response to the recent fatal crash involving one of its vehicles. I would like to see more introspection, credibility, and nuance.



Over the last few weeks, Tesla has blamed the deceased driver and a d


In a basement of New York University in 2013, Dr. Sergei Lupashin wowed the room of one hundred leading technology enthusiasts with one of the first indoor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) demonstrations. During his presentation, Dr. Lupashin of ETH Zurich  attached a dog leash to

Scene from the movie, Troy, loosely based on Homer’s Iliad. (Troy)

Matthew A. Sears, University of New Brunswick

Homer’s Iliad has been used by some men to hail the virtues of traditional masculinity in the 21st century. Typically, the famous work of literature serves as a sort of manual